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Mr. T.Kumar has obtained his law degree from the University of London and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2002. Prior to commencing practice as an advocate he was an Agency Force Trainer in an esteemed life insurance company. He also pursued a Certificate in Islamic Law at International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Mr. T.Kumar is a frequent speaker at conventions and classes organized by NAMLIFA (National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance Agents and Financial Adviser), especially for FChFP and RFP courses in the subject of Estate Planning. He has also lectured in NAMLIFA in subject of Life Insurance Law and Estate Planning. Currently he also contributes articles in Nada Practitioner, the quarterly magazine published by NAMLIFA.

He was also invited by NAMLIFA as a speaker in their National Convention in 2002. He is also often invited by insurance company and agencies to conduct seminars on the subject of Insurance Law, Wills, Trust and other areas of law. He also has the experience of working in the Corporate Loan Department of a leading banking group.

He has conducted various courses in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil. He was awarded Tun Abdul Razak Youth Leadership award in 1998 and Tun Hussein Renewal Award in 1999 by Malaysian Institute of Management. He also has authored a book entitled “Wealth Distribution: Wills and Trusts”. Mr. T.Kumar vast experience in the insurance field has enabled him to advised clients on matters pertaining to the legal aspect of insurance. His expertise knowledge of Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts has enabled him to advise clients on these matters and to draft wills and trust deeds.

Mr. T.Kumar has been in practice for thirteen (13) years and has gained experience in general litigation and conveyancing matters while practicing in various established legal firms. He has been involved in general litigation, acquisition, accident and industrial court matters beside conveyancing matters after starting his own practice since 2004.