About Us


Established since 2004, Messrs T.Kumar, Maxx Hii and Taufik (also known as ‘KMT’) is a professional Law Firm renowned for its integrity and custom-fit client’s experience.It is very important for your personal interest and your business when it comes to legal service and finding the right solutions. You will need an attorney and a Firm who is professionally qualified and highly experienced in the relevant areas of law and industry.

We at Messrs T.Kumar, Maxx Hii and Taufik aim to provide our clients with the utmost practical, timely and innovative legal solutions and services through our competent and experienced lawyers. The basis of our Firm’s culture and foundation are built around our tagline and motto of providing and serving our clients with the best “Knowledge & Experience, Magnificent Teamwork, and Trusted Services.”

We value and treat each and every one of our client as a unique experience. We strive to know our clients better and to understand their nature of businesses, strategies, internal structures and people. Furthermore, considering the fast-pace lifestyle and the ever-changing market, Messrs T.Kumar, Maxx Hii and Taufik strive to serve all our clients’ cases and matters attentively by providing timely updates and latest news. Our objective is to develop not only a rapport but also a thorough relationship and understanding of our clients’ overall business and personal needs.

As a result, the combination of in depth knowledge and the professional legal expertise enables our team to advise and resolve clients’ matters by covering for all possible risks and opportunities to achieve the best satisfactory outcome.

For more information about our areas of practice and expertise and other information related to our Firm, please kindly read through the rest of our profile herein.