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Hailing from Batu Pahat municipality but with maternal ancestry in Kuala Lumpur, Hakimi bin Abdul Jabar graduated from High School Batu Pahat. A firm believer of always being prepared, he excelled as a boy scout, athletics, soccer and other sports.

Growing up, he harboured great ambitions to become an international lawyer, hunting for war criminals like Klaus Barbie. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Wolverhampton on 23rd. July 1998 and later the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) and commenced pupilage at Messrs Nordin Torji & Yussof Ahmad and was called to the Malaysian Bar on 24.1.2002. He was employed by Messrs Shatar, Tan & Chee as a Legal Associate in their Litigation department for the period 2002 and later he joined Employees Provident Fund Board Malaysia (EPF) as a legal officer in the Prosecution and Litigation Division in 2003 handling civil litigation, criminal prosecution and adversarial matters and undergone intensive training in prosecutorial and litigation finesse at the EPF Social Security Training Institute, otherwise known ESSET.

Upon the insistence of his childhood and school friend and CLP classmate in 1998- 1999, the late Mr. Foong Wing Kuan, he left EPF and joined Messrs Foong Wing Kuan & Associates as Litigation Partner in May 2003. Upon the sudden demise of Foong Wing Kuan in September 2003, he maintained the firm as Messrs. A.J. Hakimi & Associates from December 18, 2003 whereby he was also a pro bono legal aid lawyer servicing the Legal Aid Centre in Wisma Kraftangan and volunteer legal advisor for the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department under Datuk Seri Michael Chong in Wisma MCA from 2003 to 2005.

His practice spans a wide variety of laws and subject matters, making him versatile and adept in complex litigation whilst having vast experience and familiarity within the High Court and Subordinate Courts.

In addition to legal practice, Mr Hakimi also has vast knowledge in the finance industry whereby he was a manager of a Citigroup Sales and Outsourcing Services in 2007 and managed the Batu Pahat branch’s retail sales and marketing division.

In his leisure time, Mr Hakimi is a prolific writer and author of published international law books on genocide, torture, violence, terrorism and human rights and international disaster relief laws. He is also an artiste, singer, composer who has published and released musical albums. Aside from that, he is also a Harvard University certified Humanitarian Responder to Conflict and Disaster before joining T.Kumar, Maxx Hii and Taufik.